Up From the Dust

Up From the Dust

Welcome to the chronicle of the latest heroes of Athas. They will fight their way free from the squandered kingdoms of the past, and each will make their mark upon the world—there can be no doubt about this. But whether they return Athas to the paradise-as-was or complete the work of the greedy sorcerer-kinds remains to be seen. A new age emerges upon Athas. Will it endure or quickly sink beneath the dunes as so many before it?

Tie-in note: I am writing an ongoing column about my experiences DMing this game at Eye of the Vortex . Check it out every Wednesday!

Theme: Up From the Dust

The characters will experience cycles of boom and bust as they struggle to drag the world from its dusty deathbed and turn it into something new. Whether they will ultimately rule it or not is a fate as-yet undecided.

Mood: Unrelenting

The players will have the freedom to choose many of their own adventures, even as larger plots swirl around them, but their characters will find little time to rest. Athas is a harsh world and its challenges never cease.

Up From the Dust

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