Up From the Dust

Eighth Session Recap

DM's Log - 10/31

This session was extremely short due to the premiere of The Walking Dead that night. The party escaped their cells during a dinner party Jalaal was hosting. Along with the other gladiators, whom they have convinced to join them, the party made short work of their former master and his guards. They fled the school and headed off to find Fyrian, the dray who helped them in their last arena match.

The party found their ally being held in a slave pen at the foot of the newly-completed ziggurat. From this vantage point, they saw the battle between Kalak and his renegade High Templar. In order to free the slaves, though, the party had to first fight their way past the two enormous half-giants guarding the pen. Complicating matters, Kalak was constantly drawing upon the life force of the slaves to power his spells. If they didn’t hurry, their ally could have been killed by the defiling.

They did end up saving him, however, and he pledged his friendship to them before setting out to find his people in the desert.


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