Up From the Dust

Fifth Session Recap

DM's Log - 10/3

The PCs wake up in the cells beneath Jalaal’s gladiator school. All of them injured, and some of them scarred beyond recognition, they feel pretty miserable about their lot. With the exception of Zunni, who surrendered willingly, the magic users all have control collars on.

Naeem immediately panics, and when confronted with the inescapable nature of his confinement, lashes out at his allies and Gar, the mul gladiator in the cell across the hall. Gar takes an immediate dislike to Naeem and uses this as an excuse to taunt Narathir, whom he has always hated.

After trading barbs with Gar from their cell, the party is finally led to the general room for the gladiators. It is full of newly purchased slaves, all of whom will be subjected to Jalaal’s harsh training regimen. The party avoids being too friendly, but take a liking to Rani and Ravi, two brothers captured in a raid on a slave village.

1. After some discussion with the other gladiators, the new slaves are introduced to Sefu, the gladiator trainer. He briefly attempts to inspire them to greatness before subjecting them to harsh training. Everyone uses skills to adjust the difficulty of an Endurance roll that is made after every round. Each skill success gives 1 person a +2 cumulative bonus. The challenge ends once everyone has passed the hard difficulty Endurance test. Each failure results in a loss of a healing surge for the next fight.

2. Narathir, now going by the moniker “Sharif,” manages to get a moment alone with Sefu. He attempts to convince his old friend to rebel against Jalaal’s harsh ownership, but the old master won’t commit to anything.

3. After days of brutal training (and many lost healing surges) the slaves are brought together into a great melee. They are armed and told that only seven gladiators will be chosen. The rest will be killed. The party bands together to quickly dispatch all other competitors except Rani and Ravi. This includes the brothers’ friend, Saleem, and they clearly hold a grudge.


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