Up From the Dust

First Session Recap

DM's Log - 8/30

Looking to earn some money, the characters each took guard work for some caravans headed from Tyr to the trade town of Altaruk. They all arrived without incident, but once there were recruited by House Wavir to locate a caravan wagon lost in a sandstorm.


1. The characters head out into the dying sandstorm to track the lost wagon. They follow the road until they see wheel tracks heading off into the desert. After following the tracks for a couple miles, the party is ambushed by a group of silt runners. The small lizard people batter the party, but are ultimately killed.

2. The tracks continue from the ambush point, this time flanked by the wide, webbed foot prints of silt runners. After a few more miles of tracking, the party locates the wagon—but it’s being scavenged by a pack of kruthik. The chitinous lizards are quickly dispatched and the silt runner tracks are followed to the ruins of a tower on a hill in the distance.

3. The party find the remaining members of the silt runner tribe in the cellar of the tower, conversing with a lone ssurran about the fate of the captured Wavir drivers. The party charges in to rescue the captured men, but are nearly overwhelmed by a counter charge from the silt runners. Some timely intervention on the part of Narathir turns the fight in their favor and the silt runner tribe and ssurran are dispatched.

The party finds an amulet of health on one of the silt runners. The House Wavir enclave in Altaruk handsomely rewards the party and gives them passage back to Tyr on a northbound caravan.


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