Up From the Dust

Fourth Session Recap

DM's Log - 9/26

Tonight’s session kicks off with the party still in Kralice’s vault in Under Tyr. They’ve secured the fruit of life and Akhbar is packing it up to haul away—the only thing left to is is decide whether or not to explore the tunnels to find a safe passage out for the slaves.

The party decides it’s best not to venture further into the dangerous tunnels given their health. This results in Kada getting chewed out by Shihab, her main abolitionist contact, as the slaves she wanted to help now have to wait until another route is located.

After a few days, the word comes in from Akhbar that Kralice accepted the trade. The warrant for their arrest is dropped and Melestan declares them exonerated. They all drift away into the city and are subjected to another round of expense checks (skill checks to avoid losing money) to account for the next two weeks.

1. After two weeks of looking over their shoulders and starting at shadows, the PCs are brought together once again by Melestan. He offers Naeem a chance to continue his field work, this time at the tower the party discovered on their very first adventure. The tower is supposedly the site of an ancient artificer’s tower (Adrik the Mad) and the School wants to delve into it. The old half-elf seems nervous, though Naeem dismisses this as the party gathers provisions and purchases an erdlu (which Naeem names Bocephus). Kada only comes along once the group promises to help with her slave problem immediately afterwards.

2. After stocking up on a full complement of provisions, the party heads into the desert. Some good Perception and Nature rolls reveal a baazrag nest near their campsite after the third day. The party scouts out the nest and defends their camp as the lizards attempt to swarm them. The meat and water they get out of the fight saves them all a survival day.

3. The party arrives at the old tower and decides to smoke out whatever’s inside. They complete a skill challenge to do so, only to discover the silt runners who have returned were murdered two days prior. This prompts Naeem to bring up Melestan’s nervousness, and it is decided the psion should contact his tutor. As he attempts to summon an animal messenger, Melestan makes a direct mental link and tells Naeem to run.

4. The party runs out of the only unblocked tower entrance and right into the waiting arms of tiefling slavers. The trained jhakars and tieflings all receive a beating, but the timely interference of a templar (Haroun) of Tyr turns the fight against the party. Everyone goes down except Zunni and Feklar. Zunni, fearing for everyone’s safety, acquiesces to the templar’s wishes and surrenders, even going so far as to offer to become an agent of Kalak. Feklar attempts to flee, but is eventually run down by the templar and the surviving slaver.

The party experiences visions as they are hauled back to Tyr in a drug-induced stupor.

  • Naeem sees Melestan overpowered and murdered.
  • Feklar sees Akhbar on the run back to the Forest Ridge.
  • Kada sees Shihab flee the city for the safety of the slave settlement.
  • Narathir sees a vision of an imprisoned Erathis, who commands him to begin the process of emancipating civilization.

They all wake to find themselves in Jalaal‘s gladiator cells. Naeem and Narathir have been mutilated so they won’t be recognized by the crowds. Everyone else is an unknown, so they have been left alone for now.


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