Up From the Dust

Second Session Recap

DM's Log - 9/6

Naeem is approached by Melestan, his mentor at the School of Thought, about looking for some students who disappeared while searching for an uncharted oasis south of Tyr. The tutor heard about the practical applications Naeem put his powers to use for and hoped he would be able to hire some experienced desert trackers and caravan guards to help locate the missing boys.

1. Naeem goes looking for his former companions, locating each in turn until everyone arrives in the Brickyards to find Kada. She agrees to help, and the party heads out; however, they are ambushed before they can leave town. What they think are simple street thieves turn out to be agents of the templars. The killing of these agents stirs up the templars and their guards, forcing the party to flee the city without full provisions.

2. While following the rough chart given to them by Melestan, the party first scares off some scavengers (thus avoiding a fight immediately after the next one) and encounters a lone half-giant. She appears friendly at first, but arms herself and calls for her hidden companions after determining the party’s identity. She is joined by a mul and an enslaved gith drone. The mercenaries are swiftly defeated, but the party is left feeling wary.

3. The planned id fiend encounter was pushed back until next week.


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