Up From the Dust

Seventh Session Recap

DM's Log - 10/24

The session picks up just after the characters have endured the punishment meted out as a result of their fight with Rani and Ravi at the end of the previous session. The party has been split up and, with the exception of Feklar (who is still in the infirmary), are being kept in multiple smaller cells. We move into the action immediately.

1. The characters still locked in the cells are set upon by mysterious robed assailants. They shout their allegiance to “the Gaolers” before attacking the sleeping gladiators with wicked-looking metal knives. Naeem and Narathir appear to be their primary targets, so both men suffer through the pain of their control collars in order to make use of some quick magic to subdue the attackers. Zunni likewise risks herself by openly using her magic, hoping the guards can’t see to report her to the templars. Once they are weakened, the rest of the gladiators are able to pile on and finish them off. After death, their bodies vanish into black dust.

While all this is taking place, Faklar sneaks through the school and steals the ritual scroll that will allow her companions to remove their collars. She retrieves the ritual and components without being seen.

2. Since preparations for their escape are not yet ready, the party is forced into one final round in the arena. They are pitted against a team of dwarves in a Tyrant’s Pyramid match. The first team to defeat their opponents and reach the top of the pyramid wins. Things are complicated by numerous traps scattered around the structure and the dray defiler placed at the top. Unbeknown to their masters, the dray has struck a deal with the party. In return for him focusing his attacks on the other team, the PCs will help him escape. Their combined forces make short work of the other team, allowing the party to win without too much injury.


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