Up From the Dust

Sixth Session Recap

DM's Log - 10/17

Now full-fledged gladiators, the characters are given a few days in the cells to recover. They meet Jalaal‘s more-experienced gladiators, and Asa (Narathir’s player) determines how each have treated Narathir in the past.

After a lengthy discussion between the new gladiators and the veterans about the possibility of escape, the party is hauled off to their first match in Kalak’s great games.

1. As above, the characters discuss escape plans and gauge the willingness of the veteran gladiators to help. Some tentative plans are laid, the most promising of which is for Feklar to steal the ritual book that will disable the magic user’s collars.

2. After this scheming, the party is brought to the arena for their first match. It is against Rahob, a feral psion, and his pack of five dominated crodlu. The arena floor is littered with the skulls of Rahob’s previous victims, each of which is a psychic reservoir that provides bonus damage when crushed. The PCs make quick work of Rahob, but have some difficulty with his remaining crodlu.

3. After winning the favor of the crowd in the fight, Feklar fakes an injury at the hands of a downed crodlu. Given her new favor in the city, she is taken to the school’s infirmary and left there alone while the medic is busy at the arena. She steals some bandages and a scalpel to make an improvised sling and dagger, respectively, and settles in to wait for night so she can sneak into Jalaal’s house and locate his ritual book.

4. While this is going on, Ravi and Rani attack the other characters, who are all still injured after their arena match. The brothers are quickly disabled, but all the slaves are punished for the fight.


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