Up From the Dust

Tenth Session Recap

DM's Log - 11/14

This session picked up right where the last one left off—just before a fight with Jedra (a minor templar under Kralice’s command) and his summoned sand elemental.

1. The party engaged their hated foe and his bodyguard on a balcony overlooking the templar’s gardens. They found it difficult to avoid attack in the cramped quarters, but a series of punishing attacks from Naeem and Narathir kept Jedra and the elemental effectively controlled. Jedra was finally brought down by a stone from Feklar that caused him to stumble over the balcony’s railing, after which the elemental was quickly dispatched.

2. After looting Jedra’s study, the party sought refuge at Veso’s safe house in the Warrens. They made sure to stay on the good side of the Toothcutters by sharing their loot, and headed toward the city gate in the morning.

3. The next morning saw the city calmed down some and the guards out in force. The party was stopped by a guard patrol led by a mul named Zalcor. He identified them and ordered them to follow him to the Golden City to stand trial for the murder of Jedra under the authority of the new king. Everyone was eager to fight, but Narathir opted to comply, thus diffusing the situation.

4. The party is led to the palace and left in an anteroom with Zalcor as they await their trial. Before they can be called before the tribunal that will hear their case, a guard rushes in and informs Zalcor that yuan-ti are pouring into the palace through the basements. Zalcor asks for the party’s help, promising to speak for them if they can save his men. They agree and set off.


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