Up From the Dust

Third Session Recap

DM's Log - 9/13

Tonight’s story picked up just before the id fiend fight.

~1. The PCs locate the rumored oasis and see the dessicated form of a student lying in the reeds around it. When approached, the body stirs and the barely-alive man croaks out a warning. An id fiend shows itself on the ruins sticking out of the water and forces its puppets to attack. The party rapidly dispatch the enslaved students, tending to the wounds of each immediately after they fall. The chathrang reeds (using razor cactus stats from the adventure Marauders of the Dune Sea) present some difficulty, but they are eventually avoided. Once its living shield is removed, the id fiend is quickly killed and its brain is harvested.

The party returns to Tyr as heroes, but they’re asked to stay inside the walls of the School of Thought while it and the noble houses argue their case to the templars. It eventually comes out that the templars as a whole are fine letting the characters off, given their service to the city, but the one templar who hired the thugs, Kralice, doesn’t want to give up her grudge.

While the PCs wait for either Melestan to win over Kralice or Kalak to finally get involved, Feklar is approached by Akhbar, another halfling from the streets. He tells her he has a lead on some valuable treasure located in a templar’s vault in Under Tyr, but he needs some muscle to get to it. When he heard about the trouble the party was in, he figured they would be interested, since the templar in question is Kralice.

At the same time Feklar is being pitched on the job, Kada is approached by her ally and asked to scout a route through the upper reaches of Under Tyr for use by escaped slaves. Though the offered pay is meager, Kada bolsters it with her own funds to convince the party to pull double duty in the underground.

1. The party winds its way through the midnight streets of Tyr, successfully completing a skill challenge to avoid the templar spies and reach Under Tyr. Thanks to an exceptional Bluff check by Feklar, they can bypass a fight with a street gang on Sand Street, instead bribing the rowdies to secure safe passage down the well.

2. After exploring the ruins of a dry cistern for some time, the party reaches a large room, featuring a door and a dried up fountain decorated with some sort of fish person. They are ambushed by a pack of ghouls (flesh seekers from MM3 and ghouls from MM1) and find that some of the cobbles under their feet conceal a lower passage full of a teeming mass of ghouls. The ghouls in the cistern are eventually defeated with the help of Akhbar and his two human allies, but the horde remains under their feet.

3. Seeking to escape the cistern before any more undead come looking for them, the party breaks through the door and enters the tomb of Kralice. It is full of scores of Kralice’s mummified ancestors, many of whom were clearly templars before her. The party notices a large vault door and immediately sets to work breaking through it. As soon as Feklar touches it, though, the skeletons rise from their niches, and the ghouls from below begin to climb up the holes in the other room. Akhbar and his men guard the hole and beg the party to quickly dispatch the skeletons and open the vault. Once the party realizes the skeletons will keep animating, they break through the mechanical, arcane and psionic locks (but not without getting zapped by a protective rune on the floor of the crypt a few times).

Now badly beaten (many PCs have 0 or 1 healing surge remaining), but loaded down with the healing fruit, the party must decide if they want to brave the other passage they found in search of a safe way out for escaped slaves.


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