Narathir's former master and employer.


Jalaal has sway over some of the other gladiator trainers in Tyr. Being in his good graces could grease the wheels with them.

On the other hand, his notoriety as an avid purchaser of slaves leaves him at odds with most elven caravans. His servants rarely find any deals in the Elven Market.

Jalaal was killed by the party as they escaped his slave pens.


Jalaal is an aging human and a second generation gladiator trainer in Tyr. Though he originally purchased Narathir as a house boy, he was quick to throw the apparent psion into the ring for some extra profit. Though dismayed when Narathir won his freedom, Jalaal was all-too-happy to welcome him— and the profits that came with him —back to the ludus as a freeman.


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